VUnite is a Community Group Buying platform where people can come together to buy products at super economical prices


VUnite is a Community platform for Startups, Small Organizations, Its employees and freelance professionals.

You are a dreamer and risk taker, facing immense financial and stability challenges because you are small and struggling to grow. You need a better support system and our way of helping you is to bring you all to a community platform and with its group strength negotiate better prices for products and services that you need


Have you felt Powerless?

  • When you wanted to buy a product but felt like “Can this be a little more affordable?” - But couldn’t do anything about it and without much choice paid the price
  • When you experienced poor customer service? Even escalation didn’t help?
  • When your Genuine Insurance claims were reduced or rejected and you were unable to convince the insurance company to honour your claim…
  • We had also experienced the same and felt powerless in such times. Hence born the idea of VUnite.

  • IDEA of VUnite
  • To Empower each one of YOU and together each one of us will have the power to

    Negotiate better , Demand better service and Make our voices heard

How VUnite Works?

Join Us
Spread the Word

  • You join the platform and pre-order listed products that you want, without any commitment to buy
  • VUnite works overtime to bring more customers on-board
  • You spread the word to your friends, colleagues and network, b’coz more members mean more strength to negotiate better prices.


  • While you sit back and relax, VUnite negotiates hard to get the best price possible
  • Best price is shared with you in 7 – 15 days. If you think it’s a great price, Confirm and Pay. Else Deny and reject if you are able to get a better price elsewhere. No Questions asked !!
  • We will be happy to serve you again in the near future.
  • Remember - Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an Ocean.
    So let’s stay together, buy together and win together